Getting The Free Book Onto Your Kindle Reader

The Quick Guide

Option 1

Use Amazon’s own “Send To Kindle” app – download for the PC or Mac here:

Option 2

Forward the email I sent you (with the attachment) to your Kindle’s email address.

You can find that from your Amazon account by clicking:

  • Your Account
  • Manage Your Kindle (UK) or Manage Your Content and Devices (US)
  • Settings
  • Personal Document Settings

You need the email address under Send-to-Kindle Email Settings.

It should then miraculously appear!

The Detailed Guide

There are two ways to transfer the Kindle/MOBI file onto your Kindle.

  1. You can connect your Kindle to your computer using a USB cable, OR
  2. You can e-mail the Kindle/MOBI file to your Kindle e-mail address.

Before you begin

To start with, you need to save the file from the e-mail I sent you to your computer. Hover over the attachment, then right click and “Save As”.

Now choose whether you want to try option 1 or option 2.

1) Connecting your Kindle to your computer

  • Plug the USB/charging cable that came with your Kindle into the Kindle and your computer.
  • Using your computer’s file browser, locate the book’s file (from wherever you saved it earlier) and then drag and drop the file into your Kindle’s “Documents” folder.
  • Find the Kindle’s icon in your task bar, then right click on it and choose “Eject”.
  • Turn on your Kindle and allow it to sync and the book should appear.

2) E-mailing the Kindle/MOBI file to your Kindle (or the Kindle app for iPad etc)

  • Log in to Amazon.
  • Hover over the “Hello ‘your name’, Your Account” wording towards the top right of the screen and click on “Manage Your Kindle” (UK) or “Manage Your Content and Devices” (US) from the drop down menu that appears. You can see how it looks on my screen here.

Get To Kindle Screenshot 1

  • Log in again if prompted.
  • Now click on “Settings” on the right hand side of the screen.

Manage Your Content & Devices

  • Scroll down until you see “Personal Document Settings” in orange text.
  • Locate the e-mail address that appears in the “Send To Kindle E-mail settings” section under ‘your name’s Kindle or iPad (depending on your device)’. You can see mine here. Copy it.

Send To Kindle

  • Start a new e-mail message in your e-mail program and paste your Kindle e-mail address into the “To” field.
  • Attach the book’s file from wherever you saved it earlier and send the e-mail.
  • Wait a minute or two to allow the e-mail to work its way through cyberspace and then start your Kindle (or iPad) and the book should miraculously appear once it has synced (just like a purchased book).

If you get stuck at any point, please contact me and let me know what you are seeing on screen if it is different to the screenshots above.

Then ENJOY THE BOOK! I hope.