If I Could Go Back In Time …

Having recently re-watched the first two movies of the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy, I thought about the advice I’d give myself if I could go back in time.



For the 10 year old me

Don’t give Miss O’Connor, your teacher, that love letter. It gets read out in the teacher’s lounge and then every teacher delights in ridiculing you in front of all your peers. Stick to girls your own age.

Love Letter



For the 18 year old me

… who lives alone in my parents’ house while my dad works out in the Middle East. When Jet, your black Labrador, barks at you while you are eating chips, don’t throw him a chip and then ignore him. You have left the chip pan on in the kitchen and the house is burning down! Run in and put it out before it’s too late. Your parents have trust issues for some time after this event (funnily enough) that seriously impact on your ability to have fun.




For the still stupid 19 year old me

When you and your friends down too many beers at the nearby pub, it is not clever to jump on the bonnet of their car as they drive away. You gradually slide off the car until your friend is forced to brake to avoid potentially running you over and your head is no match for the brutal road surface. You wake up in the hospital the next day with a fractured skull and several pints of blood missing.

Hospital Bed


Thankfully, I survived my early disasters and never tire of warning my son not to repeat my idiotic behaviour. I’m hoping he’s got his mum’s common sense!!!

What would you tell your younger self if you got the chance?

Image credits: Sister72, davharuk & Rodrigo Basaure

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