10 Great Movies About Reluctant Heroes

My books have heroes that, at least at the start, are reluctant to get involved. I love to imagine how I would cope if thrown into dangerous situations. Would I sink or swim? Probably sink like a lead weight wrapped in concrete with an anchor attached.

Fortunately, all my protagonists have a latent fire in their bellies and rise to the occasion. As a movie lover I also gravitate to films of a similar nature and here is a list of my top ten reluctant hero epics.




Movie Wanted
Wesley wishes he didn’t have the worst office job ever. When he is recruited by an elite group of assassins, things get a little crazy.

MoralBe careful what you wish for.



Death Wish

Movie Death Wish
The best vigilante movie of all time?

TipIt really hurts if you hit someone with socks full of coins.



The Matrix

Movie Matrix
The best sci-fi movie ever?

MoralDon’t take pills from anybody you don’t know.



North by Northwest

Movie North by Northwest
Hitchcock at his best.

MoralIf you look like a spy, stay indoors more.



The Hobbit

Movie The Hobbit
The latest from Peter Jackson but is it as good as the Rings Trilogy?

Moral – Don’t mess with the little guy. Short people are tough and really short people can easily hit you in the testicles.




Movie Unforgiven
The best Western ever?

Tip If you get really pissed and shoot at people you probably won’t hit them.



Die Hard

Movie Die Hard
The best hostage movie of all time?

MoralDon’t take your shoes off at parties – EVER!



Evil Dead Trilogy

Movie Evil Dead
Ahead of its time and the start of Sam Raimi’s career.

Tip Don’t swap your hand for a chainsaw unless you know what you’re doing.



Monty Python’s Life of Brian

Movie Life Of Brian
The funniest Python movie of them all?

Moral If you look like the messiah, shave off your beard.



The Last Samurai

Movie The Last Samurai
Tom Cruise in something very good indeed.

Tip Don’t pick a fight with a Samurai warrior.

Do you think I missed one (or more)? Please, let me know.

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