Meet Richard Windal – Villain Of Ethan Justice: Relentless

Ethan Justice: Relentless


Richard Windal is the cool, confident and highly influential yet psychotic entrepreneur in the sequel to “Ethan Justice: Origins“, aptly titled “Relentless“.

Richard crosses paths with Ethan and Savannah in a dangerous and relentless cat and mouse game of pursuit and survival. You can read more about it HERE, or BUY NOW from Amazon US or Amazon UK.

In the meantime, I’ll let Richard tell you a bit about what makes him ‘tick’. I’m sure you’ll agree he’s a nasty piece of work.


Aged five, my parents shipped me off to boarding school. Just like at home, I didn’t fit in. The other children thought I was strange. Much of my time was spent alone and mainly in hiding. I was puny even for a five year old and bullies reveled in making my life hell. Despite the many beatings I took, I never once cried. Of course, the lack of tears was not considered bravery but a challenge instead.

At the age of ten, I had an epiphany – a way to change my life for the better. One night, when the whole dormitory was asleep, I borrowed a cricket bat and brought it cracking down on the ringleader’s knees. Oh, the sound, the crunch of bat against bone, it was heaven. And then came the screams. My life had changed. Being a first offence and protesting sleepwalking as my alibi, I avoided expulsion.

From that day on, every assault on my person was repaid tenfold. Not face to face where the advantage of numbers and size was not mine, but at night or while alone with backs turned. Expulsion followed four weeks later. By the time I had sufficiently honed my retaliation skills, at the age of sixteen, I was attending my seventh prestigious boarding school. My only regret is that I didn’t learn how to cover my tracks sooner.

Upon leaving school, with poor to average GCSE’s, a failure of the public school system, I convinced my father to stake me in my own property investment business. He was happy to pay me just to stay out of his and mother’s face. With my highly developed aptitude for intimidation and a natural bent for blackmail, business boomed. Today, you can’t stand at any point on any main street in Richmond or Twickenham without being within fifty yards of one of my properties.

All work and no play isn’t good for any man and I spend my leisure pursuing the fairer sex. I guess pursue is a tad misleading as I mostly pay for my pleasures. Not that I can’t attract women, I have my moments when I turn on the charm. The trouble is, I like things rough – not for me of course. I like to dish it out, to inflict pain. It excites me. If I’m paying for it then it can’t be wrong, although some do complain until the wallet reopens. Bitches, the lot of them.

I’m currently seeking to expand my empire and make better use of the catalogue of ‘in pocket’ influential people I have at my disposal. Blackmail is such a sweet form of persuasion. The drooping eyes, the saggy face, the ‘how could you do that to your friend’ expression. Fools, one and all. If you pay to abuse my underage girls then you have to accept the consequences. Didn’t I mention that? Yes, I have a few non-legitimate business interests too but I keep my good name off the paperwork just in case.

I’ve all but given up on the prostitutes. I like my flesh young, very young, and I also don’t like to pay when I can take my pleasure for free from those who are young enough and scared enough to excite me. But that’s another story …

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