Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

Getting to know someone includes all aspects of their life – likes, dislikes, hobbies, family, friends, work etc. But perhaps a more unusual and telling characteristic is what makes them uncomfortable. So here is a glimpse into how to put me on edge if you so desire!

It’s probably easiest to break it down into physical and mental situations. Let’s start with mental.

Mostly, I’m pretty stable mentally (although my wife says not – but then she’s whacko, so what does she know?) and so I only have two notable issues here. Firstly, I’m not good with confrontation, which is bad news as I’m useless at backing down. The result of this is that I have to avoid conflict as much as possible or have my wife with me to ensure I don’t get myself into too much bother.

Secondly, I can’t stand watching eye surgery on the television. “So don’t watch it,” you all shout. Well I wouldn’t, but it’s not easy when my wife loves medical programs and watches every one she can. Most of the blood and cutting I can take, but when it comes to the eyes, I have to wince and turn away.

ScissorsNow for the physical things. I have had two procedures that linger as particularly uncomfortable memories. The first was a vasectomy. I was anesthetized locally, which was unpleasant in itself, but was still aware of the constant tugging sensation and then the ‘snipping’ sound of the scissors really freaked me out. I’m glad I had it done but if it had failed, I doubt hell or high water could have seen me go back to that room.

The second procedure was a sigmoidoscopy (like a colonoscopy) which the doctor told me would only cause minor discomfort. Well it felt as though I’d been pumped up like a balloon and had fifty yards of hosepipe inserted up my behind. The air is used to provide space for the camera to look around inside and the air does come back out – but not until your parents, who picked you up from hospital because your wife was at work, drive you home. Abject discomfort and the height of embarrassment rolled into one procedure – and they call it minor.

That’s it for my sharing of uncomfortable issues. Care to share your two cents as I need to lie down?

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