Zero Tolerance – My Flash Fiction Runner-up Entry

Wow! I was a runner-up in CrimeFest’s Flashbang Contest – Bang, Bang, You’re Read.

The rules were simple: Write an original crime story in 150 words.

So here’s my entry – please let me know what you think or write your own piece of flash fiction in the comments below!


Zero Tolerance by Simon Jenner


“‘Bout bloody time in my opinion,” said Tina, thumping the newspaper in to Carl’s chest as they returned from their Sunday walk.

“Something juicy in the Gazette?” asked Carl.

“You could say that.”

“What is it, my love?”

“All crimes to carry the same penalty with immediate effect.”

“All crimes! Wow! What’s the penalty?”

“Doesn’t say, only that it was to be announced moments after the paper went to print. Harsh and instant they say.”

“Stop those little sods from writing crap on our walls. Whip ‘em and then off with their heads, I say. Any other news worth sharing?”

“Nah, you can chuck it if you want.”

Carl spun around, lobbing the rolled paper towards the nearby bin. It balanced on the rim and rocked a little before toppling to the pavement.

“Damn!” he exclaimed.

A shot rang out and Carl’s body crumpled to the ground.

Tina screamed.

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