Death By ??? Contest Winner

Death By ??? Contest Winner

The Ethan Justice #3

‘Death By ?’ Contest Winner


Joshua with a ‘metal ceiling fan blade’



Many thanks to everyone for entering – I had over 50 great entries so there was much deliberating to be done.

Here are a few entries that deserve an honourable mention:

An icicle that melts and leaves no evidence – submitted by Kath and radders42 – clever.

A church key (a kind of bottle or can opener) – submitted by Susan – the true story behind this entry is quite horrific.

The erect member of a fertility statuesubmitted by Riley – what can I say?! It’s certainly original. I just wasn’t sure where to insert it …

A stiletto heelsubmitted by Steffi and Damion – Savannah imagines using her heel in Ethan Justice: Origins:

“For a second she had wanted to scream out with glee, sling on her shoes and to stomp a narrow heel through his unseeing eyeball …”

I always considered that one day she would get to carry it out – not yet though!


I am now busily writing the scene with the metal ceiling fan blade and hope to finish Ethan Justice #3 soon. [Update: Ethan Justice: Incendiary (#3) is now available.]

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