Personal Crap

The 10 Most Interesting Things About Me

Simon Jenner as Super DadI never consider my life to be particularly interesting, although, when I think about it, it has been injected with some unusual times and events. Here are the top 10.

Selling Myself In 10 Words Or Less

Simon Jenner For SaleIt’s only 10 words – if I put them here, you won’t need to click!

The Story Of My Life In 250 Words

Bank RobberWas my dad a bank robber? Why did I become an accountant? Who was Neddy?

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Spencer, My DogMy wife, my son, my dog … need I list them all. Click through and check out my good news.

10 Things I Don’t Miss About Boarding School

Simon Jenner at Boarding SchoolFrom the tender age of 8 until the bolshy age of 17, I boarded at a school in North Yorkshire, England. I’m not sure it made me who I am today but it sure was one hell of an experience. These are the 10 things I’m glad to have left behind!

If I Could Go Back In Time …

Love Letter… here is the advice I would give myself about the embarrassing love letter, the chip pan fire and the fractured skull incident.

A Moment In My Day

Editing Ethan Justice: RelentlessIt’s just a bigger version of this photo … don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The Things I’m Most Afraid Of

InjectionMy strength is dwindling … my attacker is laughing as my vision turns black.

Living With A Curse

Living With A CurseIt’s mental – you’ve been warned.

Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

ScissorsConfrontation, eye surgery, the low down on my vasectomy – read it if you dare.

How I Cope With My 12 Year Old Son

Simon & BenThe mess, the resistance to homework, the puking on my back in the car … the job of father is so much fun.

My Favourite Quotes

People often sayBe inspired to overcome your inertia … oh and to not take things so seriously.

10 Great Movies About Reluctant Heroes

Movie WantedMy books have heroes that, at least at the start, are reluctant to get involved. As a movie lover I also gravitate to films of a similar nature and here is a list of my top ten reluctant hero epics.